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  Forex Trading (FX) can be awesome.

Getting Started in FX Trading
A comprehensive course, one short video at a time:

The #1 Rule of Trading (4 min)
What is FX Trading? (Intro)
Is Currency Trading Dangerous? Illegal?
How Do I Get a "Demo" Account?
I Use a Mac. What Should I Do?
What is a Pip? | What is the Bid/Ask Spread?
What is the Value of a Pip? (View Spreadsheet)
What is a Lot? A Micro Lot? Standard Lot?
What is Margin? Leverage?
What is a Trading Robot?
What Robots Does Rob Use?
A TFL Robot Example: The Dumb Robot
Charts, Charts!
A guide to getting your screen set up

The Very Best Charts | Indicators
What is "Technical Analysis?"
What are Indicators? Oscillators?
What is Price Action Trading?
How to Draw Support & Resistance
Download My Indicators for Most Charts
How to Place Trades
Getting your first trades on

How to Place a Trade
Market, Limit, Stop Orders
Profit Targets and Stop-Losses
Is a Trade a Bet? An Opinion?
The Philosophy of Trading
Getting your mind ready to make money

Win Percentage VS. Risk:Reward
The Mental Game of Trading
The Danger of Inductive Reasoning
Stop Having Opinions - SIMPLIFY!
Rule #2 - Just Bank Profit
Most Popular Questions
Let's Get to the Good Stuff!

* How Much Money Can I Make? *
* Is FX Trading Difficult to Learn? *
* What's the Secret to Making Millions? *
Advanced Stuff!
Take everything a step further, and go faster:

The Rob Booker Trades App | iPhone | Android
The TFL Chat Room (How to) | Go to the Chat Room
The TFL Trades Page (How To) | Go to the Trades Page
What Robots Does Rob Use? | Go to the Robots Page
How to Make $500 a Day trading the USD/MXN
Another Lesson on $500 a Day with USD/MXN
Advanced Support & Resistance with USD/MXN
The Trade Setup if You Have a Full Time Job
From $1,000 to $1,000,000 - How it's Done (Scott)
How We Trade Stocks on TFL (PDF)
Technical/Computer Help
Help with Common Technical Problems

What is a VPS? (Virtual Private Server)
How to Set Up a Free VPS on Amazon
How TFL Member Phil Added VPS Security
My Robot Isn't Working
Can I Turn Off MT4 Alerts on Reversal Tabs?